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Keys & Strings Music Studio/Kindermusik with Sandie Wallingford, CT
Private instruction for all ages on Fiddle, Violin, Viola, Piano. Baroque and Fiddle Ensembles. Kindermusik group classes for younger children. Recitals, Performances, Summer Half Day programs. Not rated yet. Rate this business!

Little Bachs, Beethovens & Brahams Baltic, CT
A musical program for toddlers and children. Little Bachs, Beethovens & Brahams. A scructured introduction to music with a focus on classical music, songs, and musical instrument sight and sound rec... Not rated yet. Rate this business!

Sound Crossing Studio East Windsor, CT
We offer high quality music lessons and classes with professional, dedicated teachers in a great location. Violin, guitar, percussion, bass, piano, voice, woodwind and brass lessons. Check out our cla... Not rated yet. Rate this business!

Community Music School Centerbrook, CT
Non-profit music school gives private and group lessons on all instruments and voice. Spring, Summer and Fall Terms. Kindermusik form preschoolers. Willing to offer special homeschool classes in music... Not rated yet. Rate this business!

Corner Music School LLC Old Saybrook, CT
Private 45 min Lessons on Drums, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Mando, Banjo, and all Band Instruments. Learn from talented musicians and teachers in a casual yet professional atmosphere! Musical necessities ... Not rated yet. Rate this business!
See if you can locate a music school online that can assist you in your class work that involves simple research or theory without any practical demonstrations required. This could be a discounted way to get some of those types of classes taken and done.

See if there is a local music school that you can attend prior to going away to college to live. Here you may be able to knock off some of your lower level courses before you get to the school. This could save you money and allow you to graduate earlier.

When considering music school you should look into all of the different forms of student aid that are available to you. You need to consider government grants as well as government backed loans in order to attend the school. Try to find the best possible combination for you.

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Connecticut Metro Areas

You can find Music lessons in the following metropolitan areas of Connecticut.

New Haven

Looking for a Connecticut Music school?

"What are music lessons?
Music school is a professional institution, which traditionally teaches a wide range of musical talents like instrument playing, singing and dancing.

Why do you look for one?
If you need service for music lessons:
» To become a skilled musician,
» To learn to play a musical instrument,
» To develop the necessary skills for music training,
» To learn how to write and record your own music,
» To make your career a musical one,
then you consider music school.

Where do you find good music school?
Educatelink will help you to find the best music lessons providing professional, contemporary, and fundamental services. Check our listings to find the best music school close to you. Whether a private class or a large course, you should prefer professional music lessons."
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