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Deja Vu Photographic And Video Specialists Philadelphia, PA
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Barbera Frank Photography & Video Fountainville, PA
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Gold Craft Photography Edinboro, PA
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Helen Hayes Photography Drexel Hill, PA
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Hirtech Incorporated Lancaster, PA
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Project Basho Philadelphia, PA
, Project Basho offers a variety of photography experiences from darkroom rental and informal critique to introductory classes and advanced workshops like wet-plate workshops and platinum/palladium pr... Not rated yet. Rate this business!

Three Rivers Creative Arts Pittsburgh, PA
We are a Pittsburgh-based company providing the best in photography, literary and graphic design services. We pride ourselves on providing professional work for affordable pricing. Not rated yet. Rate this business!

Photomanhattan New York, NY
PhotoManhattan was established in 2003 in New York as a way of offering an affordable means of entry and advance into the world of art and photography. We are committed to the idea of photography as a... Not rated yet. Rate this business!
Compare the types of courses offered by one photography school to the next. Some will provide higher levels of education while others only provide basic educational requirements. Depending on what you plan to do with the course, choose the right one for you.

Some schools offer financial aid to students that need it that want to study photography. Financial aid is assistance in the forms of grants and loans through schools and through the government. For the right student, it can mean getting a good education. The school’s financial aid office can help with this.

Scholarships are often available to students that wish to study photography. You’ll find that some of these offer a variety of choice. Look for those offered by the schools, by newspapers and by other career paths in photography. A bit of researching can help you to get them.

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Pennsylvania Metro Areas

You can find Photography classes in the following metropolitan areas of Pennsylvania.

State College
Tri-state Area

Looking for a Pennsylvania Photography school?

"What are photography classes?
Photography school is a professional educational service, which traditionally which provides education to individuals about photography, lighting and development.

Why do you look for one?
If you need service for photography classes:
» To enhance your current skills to the next level of professionalism,
» To become a photographer professionally,
» To learn how to start your own photography business,
» To learn color, lighting, contrast and much more,
» Because you love to take pictures as a hobby,
then you consider photography school.

Where do you find good photography school?
Educatelink will help you to find the best photography classes providing insightful, courteous, and professional services. Check our listings to find the best photography school close to you. Whether a private tutor or a local class, you should prefer licensed photography classes."
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